Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Talk About Quick and Painless

I've been meaning to cast on this test knit for the talented Rachel since she's further perfecting the pattern for her Kaia Babydoll (Rachel also designed the Spring Butterfly I knit a couple of months ago). I've loved seeing friends knit them up but hadn't got around to knitting one myself. I saw a gap in the 'to do list' and so took the opportunity to cast this on. 3 days later and a size 3 Kaia Babydoll came off the needles.

My friend Kelly had sent me a ball of hand-dyed merino earlier this year...back when I hadn't discovered luxury yarn...or the pull it would have on me! So the 'Parisian Girl' hand dyed by The Dyepot was used for the bodice and a lovely soft and light Moda Vera merino blend was used for the skirt.

Add a ribbon and my wee princess - and voila! An excellent fit and a wonderful item - great with long sleeves underneath for winter, and like the pic, without for those warmer days :)

Great work Rachel!

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