Sunday, October 25, 2009

The March Sisters Pinafore Dresses

Here they are - a wonderful series of patterns that I am able to custom knit for you, again designed and developed by Kelly Brooker

The March Sisters
A Series of Pinafores for Little Women aged 0-5yrs

The March Sisters is a series of Pinafores inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women, which tells the tale of the four March Sisters transformations from girls to beautiful women.

The four patterns are similar (like sisters), however each pinafore exhibits subtle differences from one another.

Also available is ‘Pinny for a Dolly’. Little women love to wear pinafores, and adore it when their dolly wears something to match!

I have knit 3 of the Pinny for a Dolly patterns which are similar versions of the March Sisters

The patterns are:
Beth is a pinafore for the quiet girl in your family; the ‘close to mama’, non-demanding daughter whom is content with plain, but cherishes a wee hint of lace and pretty

Jo is a pinafore for the tomboy; a simple, non-girly pinafore perfect for throwing over a long tee and pair of jeans, ready to jump around in the muck!

A pinafore exhibiting a clean silhouette accented with simple cable detailing.

This gives the pinafore a timeless, classic feel – perfect for the little miss who desperately wants to be
'grown up'

A pinafore for the girly girl in your life; the girl that loves to spin, twirl, and feel pretty.

The little girl version has 3 layers of frills (the dolly version just has the simpler one layer)

Please contact me if you'd like to order a March Sisters Dress in 'Little Women' sizing (newborn-5 years) or a Pinny for a Dolly.

Prices are still to be confirmed as each dress uses a different amount of yarn (Amy versus Jo for example) as well as it being dependent upon the yarn used and size knitted.

Pinny's for a Dolly start at $20.

Email me at for more information

Friday, October 23, 2009

Confection Shrugs

I can only guess that it was named as such because of it’s sweetness.

This Confection Shrug, designed by Tonya Wagner is the perfect item for popping on when another layer is needed. With no buttons or zippers, dressing your baby is a breeze. I didn’t believe it myself, but it stays on really well.

This item has gorgeous eyelet holes around the three quarter length sleeves (though I can adapt the pattern to omit this detailing as well as altering the length of the sleeves to suit)

Available in sizes newborn to 24 months

Prices start from $25.

(And yes, poor baby boy being used as my model again - he's just so cute! In fact, I could have dressed him in pink rather than the blue he had on underneath but I wasn't going to go that far for a cute pic - plus his father would definitely have had something to say about that had he ever seen!)

Handmade Wooden Swifts

(Thanks for the photo of the swift in use Belinda/Matisse)

'But what's a swift?' I hear you ask?
Take a gander at this amateur vid we shot HERE

My husband Blair is able to make wooden swifts to make wool hanking and winding easier. I think it came about after he had to sit there for about an hour and a half with his hands out while we balled up 160gms of 2ply (laceweight). Blair is an engineer and has an eye for perfection as well as having been brought up hanging out with his Dad in his man-cave.

Very stable with a well balanced wide base. Made from high quality sturdy and carefully chosen materials. They have easily adjustable pegs so can wind skeins and hanks of various lengths. All the pieces fit together beautifully as well as coming apart easily so it can be stored in a cupboard or under the bed - approx 80 cms in length disassembled (mine lives in bag hanging on a hook in the laundry).

They can be made to order for $60.

Postage is $7.50 to the North Island, $12.50 to the South Island and $18NZD Airmail to Australia (in AUD including postage it works out to around $60 altogether)

Email me,  for more information or to order. I do accept paypal payments as long as you cover the fees.

'And how do I assemble it after I get it?'
Look no further, hopefully your question will be answered HERE (email me if you're still having difficulties)

Thanks Ali for letting us use your picture, it's actually borrowed from her blog, Blair's first customer!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Juliette - Skirty or Skirted Soaker

What a cutey! Ok, if I do say so myself! Wish I had had one of these for Penny years ago though! I think she would've got a lot of wear out of one this size.

This wee gem (which comprises of a combined patter of Tia Novick and Kelly Brookers Vanilla) can be knitted either with or without a soaker underneath and either in this full and pleated version, or in a straight A-line version. The one pictured is a medium which fits both my 10 month, 10 kilo babe with chucky thighs (with a nappy) and my 12 kilo, 2 1/2 year old without a nappy (though in saying that as she would wear a nappy the same size as my 10 month old it would probably fit fine with that as well)

This one is knitted as a skirty soaker, it completely covers the bottom and nappy or underwear. I think for my 2 1/2 year old for spring I'll knit her a skirty without the soaker part - I am able to knit either option for you.
This is knitted in variegated The Wool Company yarn - they have a good range of both slid and matching variegated colour yarns that I am happy to knit with if you'd like.
Sizes that I can knit this in are newborn, small, medium, large and xtra large. Please email me at if you'd like me to make one for you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupcake Hats

Cupcake Anyone?

This cute wee hat designed by Wendi Dunlap comes in three sizes - baby, toddler and child.

I've made a couple of these for my new neices to make up a set with little rainbow dresses. I actually had to try one of them on my model to check the size and fit and it looked pretty spot on to me!

I like adding a little embellishment or flower, but they could just as easily be made in boyish or gender neutral colours as a little beanie.

Email me, if you'd like to order one or ask any questions. These are $20 including an embellishment of your choice if you'd like.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking Glass Longies

I'm now licensed to knit Looking Glass Longies (yet another fabulous pattern by Kelly Brooker). I've knit a fair few pairs of longies since my addiction with knitting took over my leisure time, and love popping them together as a set with a wee hat or something. All of the ones pictured are full length ones, but I'd be more than happy to knit some shorties or capri length, with cuffs of your choice - frills, moss stitch...whatever! They will be made with an i-cord waistband unless you specify otherwise

(Click on pic to enlarge it)

This pattern ensures a super fit in my opinion. A clever panel of rib on both hips makes them able to stretch over massive cloth bottoms (stuffed for night time) as well as relaxing to go over bottoms with disposables without looking too baggy. Kelly has also written the pattern to include extra rows in the bottom to make sure there is room for nappies

Sizes NB, Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large, prices starting at $35 a pair

Please contact me for more information regarding sizing and yarn. I can also lanolise (specially waterproof) if you were wanting to use them as a waterproof layer over nappies. You will need to re-lanolise every couple of months (depending on frequency of use) or when it begins to lose it's moisture resistance.

Contact me also if you were wanting information on how to lanolise woollen items - I am happy to provide you with more information to easily do it yourself if you wish (as well as for items not knitted by me)

Note: in the picture only the variegated red and brown coloured ones are made to the LGL pattern
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Monday, October 5, 2009

All Year Round Vest - Custom Knitting

A few more F.O's - these have been whipped up to try and perfect a pattern that I *hope* to be knitting a few of shortly. I love the idea of this item being able to be worn all year round, over a long sleeved top to add a warmer layer, as a singlet in the summer on it's own, or under tops and onesies as a singlet to keep children warmed.

This is the 3-6 month size from the pattern knit in a tencel blend yarn (10ply) by Patons, with a lace bottom.

It's evolved to this, 8ply, basic garter stitch (more unisex) hemline (have some other ideas too including seed stitch and something else I'll only share if it looks good) and thicker straps. This is knit with Bella Baby Layette, 80% bamboo and 20% wool. I love how silky this stuff feels!

And while the neck perhaps looks narrow, there's no worry getting these babies over heads. I had to try the one that might fit my *wee* man on him. I'll share a pic but bear in mind he wears size 1 tops and the top I knit was not that size (so too snug and not the best look but you get the idea)

(what the lace looks like closer up)

I have the permission to knit these for sale so please email me if you'd like to order one or more information.

Prices are:
0-3m approx 40cm chest - $22

3-9m approx 44cm chest - $24

9-12m approx 48cm chest - $27

12-24m approx 52cm chest - $30

24-48m approx 56cm chest - $34

4-5y approx 60cm chest - $39

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~ Spiced ~

Another recent F.O - a size 3 Spring Butterfly I've tested for it's designer Rachel

This was knitted in a rustic Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn, and the bottom in an 8 ply merino hand dyed by Inner Stitch (really really soft!) which funnily enough I both acquired from Rachel when she was having a wee destash. Always happy to oblige :D

This was knitted on circ needles, but not in the round, just working back and forth knitting and purling. It's an easy pattern and the top part knits up really quickly due to it being 2 balls of yarn being knitted together to make it similar to a chunky weight.

The butterfly in it's name must come from it's gorgeous wee back...