Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making Cupcakes

Today on the walk home from kindy, my princess asked if we could make cupcakes. Normally, at 3 o'clock my thoughts are on getting the kids home, fed afternoon tea, the washing in and folded and then dinner on before we eat at half 5.

But the weather's been SO lovely here in Wellington lately that the washing was in, folded and tea was organised and easy - so it was such a great feeling to be able to say 'Why not? Let's make cupcakes!' As we walked, Penny said she'd like pink icing and sprinkles. I forget sometimes that the bottles and bottles of food colouring in the cupboard aren't just for dyeing yarn - I'm not a big fan of artifical colouring, but today I could make an exception.

The batter was mixed, the patty cakes filled and the beaters and scrapers licked while we made the pink icing. Then there was the icing, Penny was in charge of the sprinkles or chocolate hail.

And finally, they were done...but it was dinner time. They sure helped encourage the kids to eat up with the promise of a cupcake afterwards for dessert.

All this cupcake making fits in nicely too with the 1st Birthday of Coco Kids! We're busy organising to put up some items for sale over on our blog. We're still deciding on the final date and time, but I'll let you know once we've finalised the details.


  1. In a few words - because I am totally bias about this - that is the complete and utter beauty of being a stay at home Mummy - these moments of spontaneity are what it is all about. What a wonderful Mummy you are Julia! xox

  2. How totally delicious to be able to say - and to actually say it! - Yes! Let's make cupcakes! Fantastic! I agree Rachael, what a lovely Mummy you are Julia!