Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taking Time To Smell The Roses - Part I

Sundays in our house are when we go visit the local library and get out new books and DVD's.

Today however, Whitcoulls was having a big 50% off promotion (off 1 fiction and/or kids book) and so instead we all went and bought a new book for summer reading.

I can't tell you how excited I am to rip into fact, I started this afternoon when we were all outside soaking up the sunshine.

I love summer and I love hanging out in the backyard with my kids, water trough and sandpit out, trikes and tramp ready to be played with, and a whole host of undiscovered treasures in the backyard - a bird's egg, snails, weeds - you get the picture.

And so, I'm really looking forward to knitting less (my wrist doesn't like it much at the moment, and I want to be a grandmother that can hold and cuddle her grandchildren 30 years from now without having to worry about painful wrists) and reading more. This book 'A Song in the Daylight' by Paullina Simons called to me the moment I saw it in the book shop. I'm a big fan of Paullina, I've loved most of her books since I read my first of hers - Tully and I'm look forward to getting back into reading a bit before bed every night.

And then what? What author(s) do you love? Who shall I line up to read next?

Oooh, and just one more thing...while we were out I had to buy some more electronic scales.

Mine got dropped (by me) this week and I use them a lot. I'd love to say for baking biscuits and cakes...but the reality is I use them more for testing fabulous knitting patterns from the talented designers I know. I was a girl on a mission today - and was chuffed to pick these ones up for $12 from The Warehouse. They even take 'normal' batteries too and weigh in 1gm increments Exciting I know!


  1. Good taste in books! Great idea too. I have a book on borrow at the moment called "The Necklace".

    Hope your wrist recovers.

  2. Oh good book choice, I like her books too. I also enjoy Jodi Picoult and have some here if you want to borrow any. I went to the sale too and started mt christmas shopping, and slipped in a book for me (will try and keep it for christmas though).

  3. I love Jodi Picoult too Alison!

  4. what a good score! i am in desperate need of some scales so will check ot the warehouse ;)

  5. I love that you bought your scales for yarn weighing. Too funny.
    I've just been looking through your blog and am totaly overwhelmed. Wow! Your knitting is amazing. I do like the sound of reading more though. Enjoy your book.
    And thanks again for your offer.