Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking Time To Smell The Roses - Part 2

We're really excited to be expecting our baby #3 in February. This time around, I'm really hoping to knit baby items. I've just been through all the boxes of baby clothing (to pass on all the lovely girly things that we won't be needing and so don't need to keep storing - it's a little house!) and one thing I feel a little sad about is the distinct lack of any of my own knitting till my babies were around the 18 month mark.

It's probably due to both (and now all) my babies being summer babies, but I also remember getting to their first winter and struggling to find warm clothes for them. So this time around, I'm mentally making a list of the things I'd love to knit for this fella. I'm yet to cast on anything and haven't knitted anything for him yet, but I do plan to knit a couple of special items between now and February.

Which brings me to a wee announcement. From now till February, I'll only have 1 custom knitting slot available a month. If you know that you would like me to knit something for you, then the earlier to contact me, the better.

I'm unsure of when I'll be picking the custom knitting back up next year also. If #3 follows in the footsteps of his big brother and sister, I'm expecting to be dealing with reflux and so I'm not going to be booking any slots till after he's born that's for sure.

Coco Kids however is made of up 3 fabulous knitters - and so Ali and Kate will be available for custom orders. We do also aim to apply for Craft 2.0 stalls next year, I'd love to still be part of that - it really was so much fun.


  1. I don't think baby will be in need of warm woolies next winter, I'm sure more than a few people will be casting on for him in the coming months ;)

  2. Congratulations on the up and coming arrival of number three. How exciting for you all.

  3. Congratulations Julia. I was about to pop your PIF in the mail but I think I maight have to hold it back now and add a little sometime extra. :)