Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 weeks already

I can't believe it! Tomorrow my littlest one will be eight weeks old. I'm not sure where the time has gone, but we've fallen into a pretty steady routine at home with my 3 preschoolers now. Three's the perfect number for us I think (and just the right number for our little house).

Before David was born, we booked my extremely talented friend Rachael Brown to come and do a newborn photo shoot with us. When he was just 7 days old, Rachael came to take the photos. I really recommend having a newborn photo shoot done - the photos are just priceless and we've been having real camera issues lately, so it's nice to know that we had the family captured so beautifully when he was so new.

Here's just one of them, but Rachael took many more beauties...have a look at more of our pics over at her blog here

This one reminds me of just 2 years ago when we took this photo of the proud big sister and her little baby brother Timothy. Awww, they were so little!

Oh go on, here's just one more...(just picking another one different from over on Rachael's blog)

Does anyone else ever look at their children and wonder how they got so lucky to have such healthy and beautiful kids?


  1. Yes, I look/ed at mine and wondered how come they were/are so awesome!

  2. Beautiful photos! I am still amazed every day that I have these beautiful little people and stunned at how quicly they grow.

  3. seriously you and Blair make such beautiful children! x