Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pimp My Ride

I have a number of crafty friends. I love seeing what they do and love hanging around them in the hope that their craftiness will rub off on me...not to say I'm not a little crafty myself - but my skills are pretty limited to knitting and sewing bibs!

Anyway, this post really is about the skills of one particular friend of mine. I am always in awe of just what she comes up with - she's a true jack (or jill!) of all trades and her skills aren't limited to amazing knitting and sewing, no! She's a pattern designer (sewing, knitting and crocheting!), mother and home schooler, amazing baker and meal maker as well as the queen of DIY - building beds and making cages for trailers. I love that she can always seem to spot the potential in something (or someone, I'm sure).

So, this brings me to the 'pimping my ride'. I would like everyone to know just how COOL my buggies are - courtesy of Esther and her amazing skills.

I believe Esther found my single Mountain Buggy at a place where rubbish goes to be disposed of...yep, correct me if I'm wrong Esther, but I think she bought it from the tip. It was missing the basket and I imagine it was looking a bit sad, sad enough for it's previous owner to have just biffed it. Now it's the coolest buggy ever (it almost sounds like a kids picture book doesn't it?). Esther MADE it a basket, sewed it a liner and added the same gorgeous black and white damask fabric to the inside of the sunshadey part. I don't know how many people have stopped me and commented on my 'designer' buggy - it sure is one of a kind! I love it as much as anyone can love a buggy (and Mountain Buggies are the best)

Oooh, and she even made a matching sleeping bag using gorgeously smooshy minky - modelled here by the most beautiful baby in my house lol

It definitely is all straight and everything, the sewing is impeccable! I just haven't straightened the zip up perfectly for the photo

But...lately, I've felt a bit sad for my poor boring old chocolate brown double Mountain Buggy. It's needed a bit of love (and perhaps a softer inside for David's head) - and so I asked Esther if she could make a couple of liners for it. And Esther, being Esther did! I popped them in today and they are sooooo cool! I'm sure there's a special name for the fabric (I know nothing about fabric designers and all that), but it's got streets and cars and houses...the liners look amazing and fit beautifully.

Am I a bit sad, writing a blog entry about how cool my buggies look? Well, as someone who lives a stone's throw from the local kindy and shopping centre, I walk pretty much daily in taking my oldest to kindy, or buying milk, or picking up my bebes medication, rain or shine. These buggies make my life easier - and it's nice that they are both functional and stylish. Maybe the awesomeness of them will mean that people don't notice that I haven't brushed my hair in my rush out the door with 3 preschoolers, or that I have baby spew down my front.

A typical day - the kindy run

Esther, you are amazing. Thanks for being you.


  1. Awww - thank you! Though I'm really not worthy of such a glowing post. Yes, it was a Trash Palace find and had flat tyres completely worn through to the beige, and the canvas was hanging off the frame. I completely relate to hoping the buggy distracts from the unbrushed hair and baby muck! You have a very gorgeous and cuddly little model.

  2. They both look awesome! Your friend Esther is very clever, and it does look like one of their limited edition ones!! I've got an old blue one that I bought second hand. I would love to have it jazzed up like that!

  3. Oh my goodness, what beautiful buggies!!! Such a timely post Julia - I was looking at our sad Mountain Buggy with it's slightly mildewy canvas, wondering if I could ever do something about it. I'm feeling very inspired! Amazing work Esther!! (And Julia, your kiddies are very very cute!)

    Bec O

  4. Wow that's VERY awesome! Those quilted liners are amazing! What talent! And what generosity to use such talent for the benefit of others! Lovely!