Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Dyed Out...

I had a number of things I wanted to dye some yarn for.

Firstly, I wanted to dye some for a bag I was going to knit. This was quite coarse yarn, and so while I wouldn't put it on skin, this yarn felts beautifully so I dyed it up. I LOVE how it turned out. Needless to say it's still waiting to be knitted into a bag!

It reminds me of the colour inside raisins, which when googled brought up the name of one of my most favourite kids books ever 'Danny the Champion of the World'. Raisins were a part of the method Danny and his Father used to catch pheasants.

I've named it 'To Catch A Pheasant' but it's probably a bit obscure to anyone else!

Next, came some yarn I dyed up for my sisters birthday. As a kid she was a huge fan of purple, and 6 weeks ago she had the most beautiful baby girl. I wanted to dye her something purple (in the hope that she still likes purple and could 'selfishly' knit something for herself with it if she wanted. Or, that if she didn't like it for herself, it could be made into something for her gorgeous wee girl.
This is 200gms of Te Awa DK yarn, it's a wool/mohair blend. This one is simply named 'Delicate'

Right, then this was dyed for a colour swap. I was aiming for a bluey purple for my purpley swap
This is 150gms of Fabulous Fibres DK. It's actually a lovely base (in my opinion). I've called it 'Something Purple'.

But wait, there's more...

This, titled 'Camping Out' was when I was dying something to look the same as my 'Nightfire Hibiscus'. It's a simple overdye job but I decided I'd throw in some yellow to see what it would do, Well, I should've known but yellow on purple turns brown. It'll be ah, interesting to see what it knits up like.

Here's what it would've turned out like if I'd omitted the yellow. This was my 'Nightfire Hibiscus'

And then, I thought, I'd do one for me. I wanted one more dusty purple.
This was dyed on 200gms hank of Manukau Wools Ltd, Sierra Lana 8 ply DK.
I've called it 'Goodbye August'

I really do love it. And August, I'm glad you're over.

That enough for now? (I actually have a sneaking suspicion that there might've been another one in the dye-pot...but can't recollect it right now)


  1. Gorgeous dyding Julia! What do you use for dying the wool?

  2. Thanks! Just good old Hansells Kate :)