Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pinny for a Dolly

I'm just a little bit proud - I do like how this turned out.

This Pinny for a Dolly was knitted both to cover up wee Noely (yes he's a boy, but he doesn't protest to be popped in a dress now and then) and as part of a competition for the fabulous Kelly. (Kelly is the designer of both this gorgeous wee pinny pattern as well as The March Sisters

Anyway, the pattern suggests 2 different colours for this Pinny for a Dolly pattern, one for the lace at the bottom, and another for the main part, bodice and straps. I popped in a couple of rows of the white in the bodice too.

I'm able to knit this for orders too if you really like it, and not just in a dolly size - but right up to size 5. How cute would a matching little girls dress and dolly pinny be! This is just an idea of what I could do, there are so many more possibilities too!

I've been enjoying needle felting lately too and so decided I'd needle felt some buttons on it rather than real ones that my little man might chew on.

And then for good luck, who doesn't like needle felted butterflies? I stopped at one with this...I thought it needed something else, but after adding just the one think it was a good decision to stop there. With this one I needle felted it onto felt before sewing it on

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