Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wee Daisy Clutches Available

Fancy Collecting Some Daisies?

This looks like just the right situation for a wee Daisy Clutch!

It's a lovely wee felted bag - inspired by Amanda's Around About. I've been in discussion with Amanda and will be selling these wee beauties!

It's something I whipped up this week - it's actually not for Penny but she loved trying it out (I wanted to check how functional it was. It passed the test). It was great in that while she was using it, it sat flat on the ground (super blocking on my part if I do say so myself), and the two handles opened up nicely. Then on returning inside with her flowery stash it was easy for her to hold and carry - nice and light. I wouldn't suggest she collects a bag full of stones with it, but it would easily hold a number of special stones, shells, leaves, flowers oh as well as her cellphone and sunglasses. What wee girl doesn't need something to carry those around in?
Email me on if you'd like to order one, prices start at $20.
Embellishments (knitted or needle felted) are also available for a small additional charge.

I love the idea of making them to match wee tops and cardies. In the pic, Penny is wearing a little 'Spring Butterfly' designed by Rachel Evans

Much to Penny's dismay this was also not for her, but for a swap I'm taking part in. But what a nice knit and fit. I will have to whip one up for Penny I think.

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