Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Couple of F.O's

So, I know that I've popped up a couple of pics of some of these recently, but here are their final pics, with buttons and all :)

Here is the Spring Butterfly pictured with the Daisy Clutch below

Then, there's the Amy, fully blocked and dried and buttons added

And, I whipped up these Itti Bitti Britches the other day to go with a swap present for my friend Jo. They are just the cutest too! In fact, if anyone was wanting a pair of these whipped up as a Chrissy decoration or keyring, then they're completely do-able too as the lovely Carina Spencer allows people to make and sell them if they wish. These were knitted from my 'To Catch a Pheasant' yarn, and softly hand felted after knitting.

The chocolate bar was sent as well, but is here just as a size comparison

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