Monday, September 7, 2009


Take a cone of 2ply merino, in the colour 'maize'

Hank - now hanking 160gms of 2ply without a swift takes a wee while... I won't bore you with a picture of it wound around chair legs.
Dye - this was kettle dyed using food colourings
Dry and then ball up ready for knitting. Now, the balling took forever, thank goodness for Blair being in a really good mood that night! He patiently sat there for about an hour and a half with his arms out as I hand wound the ball, fixing any snags that we had along the way. Then using the wool winder I reballed so I could have a centre pull ball (and so it was nice and tidy). I called it 'Emerald City'
And then the fun part - the knitting...
This is a large sized Ishbel named 'Arohanui'. It's going to be given with much love.
My first real lace and 2ply knitting, as well as my first time full on blocking, using and inserting a life line and my first time reading a chart. Crazy, I've been knitting for probably 20 years but I've been playing it a bit safe I think ;)
Get this though, there is still something like 110gms of the hand dyed yarn left!

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