Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cute Wee Model

Oooh, look! A different model this time!

This is just one of my gorgeous wee neices - Abi. I knit this for her before she was born in approx a 6 month size and my sister Anna emailed me through the pics yesterday. She's just too delicious not to share.

These photos really seem to match the name I gave the set 'Joyous'!

While I'm sharing - I popped to Spotlight on the weekend with my $10 off voucher to buy some stitch marker making supplies. I've wanted to have a go for ages but wasn't sure what I'd need, but after being inspired by some my little sister Sarah made, as well as some helpful advice from some friends I had a go.

(I'll have to learn how to take better stitch marker photos, they are actually all the same length)

Man, I can't believe how easy and quick these were to make! Ok, so they're not the prettiest ones ever, but I was just having a bit of a play for my first ones. Actually, one of these sets is off to Aussie soon with a set of sock blockers and some yummy Whittakers chocolate for a winner of the JDR auctions I mentioned here

Murphy's law, the tool set that I picked up is on special at Spotty this week if any else in NZ is interested in picking up a set


  1. love the colour of the rainbow dress, she looks so cute in it

  2. That Abi just gets cuter and cuter! What a gorgeous smile and such delicious big eyes!