Monday, March 1, 2010

Watch Out for the Radioactive Cat!

I kid you not

Today my beloved old boy had to be dropped off at Wadestown Veterinary Clinic for his Radioactive Iodine treatment.

Moose has hyperthyroidism, an overative thyroid which has caused him to lose a lot of weight over the years. We've been medicating him, but it's got very expensive (try about $200 a month...hence the need for custom knitting!) and it hasn't been the most effective or easy so we've ended up going for this option

Moose has to be in the vets boarding clinic for the next week, and then when he comes home we're not allowed to touch him for long periods of time or let him dribble radioactive saliva on us - that's going to be a whole new kettle of fish.

Why bother you ask? It's just a cat?

Well, this old boy is a beautiful cat with the most lovely temperament. I got him when I lived in the hostels in 1st year Uni way back in 1996 and I've had him ever since. He's lived in upteen flats and with a quadrillion people and he's always been so easy going and friendly. I could say he's one of the reasons why we never went on an O.E

In fact, I always knew Blair would be a doting father, he's loved that cat since they met.

He's also the world's best mouse and rat catcher. There's not a trace of rodents in this place, in fact he's also tracked down a stoat and eeek, the people across the roads HUGE guinea pig.

We live next to a school and without fail at 8:30 and 3:00 each day he is out there at the gate lying by the letterbox waiting for the school kids to come out and lavish attention on him

And today, when I took him to the vet, all you could hear when I was handing him over was him purring.

Boy oh boy do we love that cat. I just hope he doesn't get too depressed being untouched for the next 7 days (and how am I going to keep him out of the sink when he comes home!)

Now go on, tell me how much you love one of your furry friends


  1. I know exactly why you lavish all the money and care on him, we do the same for our two boys. We've spent about $1300 on vet blls since last May and when we pick one of them up from the vet tomorrow it may leap another $200+. They pay us back in endless love and laughs though. They would NEVER wait for school kis to come past though!

  2. aww poor Moosey! i would hate to think of the $$ we spent on Oscar, but you know all about that!