Monday, March 1, 2010

When I Can't Sleep

When I woke early the other morning I found myself lying in bed trying to go back to sleep. But instead in my head I found myself composing a blog entry. Goodness knows what it was meant to be about, I just remember being frustrated with myself because I had this important entry flowing through my head instead of nothing so I could go sleep again

So, it must be time for another blog entry

This time, I've got a lot of F.O's to share. Years ago if you'd said to me 'I've got some F.O's to share' I would've been very confused as F.O stood for something quite different.


I made a stack of dishcloths for my friend who was going to babysit. I actually think it may have been only the second time we would've left the kids since having Tim (the first time being my G'ma's 90th back in Hastings in August) but Tim was a bit under the weather so we didn't end up going out anyway
These are knit in Anchor Magicline, a self striping 10ply cotton

This is a test knit for tiKKi of a new pattern she'll be releasing shortly (I know SQUEEEE, lucky me!). I have plans to test knit another (in the next week hopefully) and it's an incredibly versatile pattern...but I'm sure I'll blog more about that soon
(The beads were Penny's idea - not mine!)

I also knit a little soaker and hat set  - I know the hat is in here already under the Aviatrix info, but I love it, I've got 2 more on the needles at the moment for a twin order) The soaker is Kelly's Vanilla pattern - of course, and the little heart embellishment is designed by Watermellish Designs - something else I'm testing. Again, I'll post more info another day :)

A little pink shrug I knit for a little girls birthday party yesterday. I must admit, I'm always a little nervous knitting things for other people (who haven't proclaimed a love of all things yarny) as I'm not sure what people think when they open their presents. I do love this pattern designed by Stitchy Mama/Katherine though and think it's both practical and pretty so I do hope others see the same as I do

And then there's the pair of cabled hats I made for an order recently. I do love this pattern, and I love that the person who ordered has 2 children about the same size as mine so I can check the fit is ok. What will I do when my children no longer fit the orders?!

And lastly, another order for a Vanilla in girly colours. I popped the little heart on the bottom both because I love this Watermellish design, as well as an extra surprise for the customer (I do hope that she doesn't mind it!). It is a size bigger than what my model would wear normally, hence why it might not look like a good fit :)


And last, but hopefully not least - my little competition for the Snakes & Adders pattern closes on the 12th of March - there've only been a few knit at the moment so you're in with a good chance to win if you get a chance to whip some up


  1. i love the hat and vanilla combo .. your knitting is great!

  2. You've certainly been knitting up a storm Julia - all beautiful of course! :)