Monday, March 8, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

There was once a knitter, who worked very hard but just didn't have enough hours in the day to knit all the orders she was getting - in particular the twin lsets that had been ordered by her good friend Putri which she promised to have completed in just over a week.

She worked as late as her eyes would stay open, and as long as she could before her husband protested, but she had to sleep - so she left her needles and yarn out, all ready to start with again the next day (when the children were sleeping). The next lunchtime when the children were tucked up asleep in their beds she sat herself down to her work; when, to her great wonder, there in her knitting bag was a shrug all ready made. The knitter knew not what to say or think at such an odd thing happening.

That evening, after working until her knitpicks poked holes in her fingers she again left out her work - this time an Aviatrix hat and went to bed early, that she might get up and begin early the next day; but she was saved all the trouble, for when she got up in the morning the work was done already.

This continued for the week until the knitter decided to see exactly what was happening. The knitter and her husband decided that they would stay up and see who it was that was coming and completing the knitting. The husband liked the thought; so they left the light on and hid themselves behind the couch, and watched what would happen.

As soon as it was midnight, there came in a little dwarf; and it sat upon the couch, took up all the work that was out, and began to knit it, stitching and purling away at such a rate, that the couple watched on in wonder, and could not take their eyes off him. And on he went, till the job was quite done, and the knit lay ready for blocking upon the knitting bag. Just as he was about to leave, the knitter slowly came out of her spot (for she was starting to get pins and needles and her husband was busting to use the toilet) and thanked him. 'It's been no trouble' the dwarf replied 'I've been a bit tired of making shoes in the evening'. 'How can I repay you?' the knitter asked. 'Truly, I've enjoyed it. But as the sets are completed now it's time I moved on to the next place that needs me' and with a little skip and a hop he flung open the fireplace door and vanished. Never to be seen again

And the results of the week equalled a twin set of layettes - 2 Confection Shrugs, 2 Aviatrix Hats and 2 sets of Mary Jane booties (with the permission of the designer ;) more info to follow), ready to be delivered to their orderer once blocked so they could be sent on to their new owner in Singapore (born today!)



  1. Hee hee cute story Julia! I need that dwarf dude NOW!

  2. Funny Kate, I was yelling out names to him as he left - Kate and Ali were definitely some suggestions but he was just so quick!

  3. Do you think that dwarf would come and ball my hanks too or does he just knit ;-)

  4. Balling hanks - guessing you haven't got a swift then? I LOVE balling! Where are you living? Wellington?

  5. Oh what gorgeous sets they are. Wish that littledwarf would pop on over and finish off my UFO's for me and I could start with a clean slate!

  6. no in chch. Would love to get a swift but for the time being I just invite my dad round, he is the only person who has the patience to sit with his arms out that long, lol.