Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snakes and Adders - Competition Winners!

Ah yes, it's time to announce the winners of my wee competition. I know you've all been checking my blog lots over the last 24 hours in anticipation that the winners might be announced (yeah right!)

There were to be 2 winners, one that was the favourite and another that was chosen at random (I know that fellow bloggers use some fancy online selector, but the pulling the name out of the ice-cream container was as fancy as it got here).

There were 7 separate entries entered into Rav.

Krissie's 'Bruce'

Bob's 'Steve'

Gen's Slithery Snakes
(Gen's entry was hilarious - you should so go and check out her blog about them)

Odette's Rainbow

Sam's Rocky

Rachel's Sanks and Wiggy Werns

Sam's Woody

Janis' Modified Crochet Version

Thanks to everyone for entering! They look great!

Right - The Winners

Penny's Favourite
I had to leave it up to Penny to choose a winner - it was too hard for me to pick from so many lovely online friends. But the after looking at loads and loads of photos on Rav, the one of George eating the 'Sanks and Wiggy Werns' was her fav.

The Random Draw
For each snake that was made, people got an entry into the draw. The winner - Bob (Bob, are you Krissie's fabulously clever knitting hubby?!)

The prizes consisted of some still undecided goodies as well as a choice of one of the 3 prizes listed below:

1) 2 sock blockers made to your choice of sizes


2) Your choice of something knit from my custom knitting selection to the maximum value of $25 (I've got more not pictured yet too so if you like this option we can talk about the more extensive list I actually have permission to knit)


3) A 'Coco Kids' voucher (specifying me as the knitter) to the value of $25. You can use this yourself on anything I can make or sell (a nice discount off a swift) or this could be gifted to someone else if you don't like either of the options above for yourself.

But wait! There's still more!

I know that I never announced a winner of the name the snakes competition. So, I'll pop it in here while I'm at it. I didn't announce it at the time as we went with Blair's suggestion - but we've picked a commenter from all the comments completely at random who is also able to pick from the 3 prizes listed above.

The winner - Mary

My intentions are to contact everyone through Rav in the morning to talk about addresses and prizes - thanks again for changing the project count for the pattern from my sad little 1!


  1. Oooh yes that would be Bob - Krissie's fab clever knitting (almost) hubby! :P

  2. haha, these were really fun to make, my smaller one using the exact same crochet stitches to the knit ones, was stolen by Cooper, The kids thought they were great, Thanks for the quick, fun project and a BIG Congratulations to Rachel and Bob :-)