Sunday, January 9, 2011

A New Baby

Sorry to disappoint, this post isn't about our baby due in Feb...he's still cooking at the moment with his mummy (that would be me) giving plenty of instructions on turning out of his breech position into one more favourable for labour - and less likely to need an unwanted c-section. While I'm at it - we're still struggling to agree on a name...any thoughts on a name that would go with Penny and Timothy and without an S/th sound in it (our surname starts with a S)?

But this post IS about a new toy I got for Christmas. I must say, I do love it x a billion. Have you ever seen a machine as cool looking as this? It's got no bells or whistles, but I'm not scared of it at all - it's just a good sturdy basic machine. And it looks cool too.

I wrote a big long post about why I needed to use it today - but it was boring so I deleted it. The short version is that we've decided that blacking out the curtains in the kids room *might* get us a little more sleep in the morning.

So, after picking a very knowledgeable sewers brain, I headed to Spotlight today to purchase some blackout fabric with the intention of buying it and sewing it to the existing curtain, Can I say, that today I had the most helpful Spotlight employee that must exist. She not only helped me select the right fabric but showed me (twice in fact) about sewing the right curtain tape to the fabric so that it could be removed if necessary.

So, home I go - armed with fabulous info and excitement that today my pressie was going to come out of the box for more than 'oooohing' and 'aaaahing'.

And voila - the curtains are up (the blackout one is the one between the blue and the nets), and they are fabulous! It's so dark in there - if it gets me a bit more sleep then it's worth every cent.

While the machine was out and taking up a space on the table, I decided to whip up the bibs I finally got around to cutting out yesterday. I've another 10 or so planned, but good things take time, right ;)

And already snapped - ready to go! Reversible too if I wish with minky on the back

Modelled by my delicious kids. Now you see them...

Now you don't...

Is it odd now that I look at clothes that the kids have outgrown as fabric that I might be able to upcycle? Or that the packets of pink pjs that Penny never wore as not things to pass onto people now, but as bib fabric?

Oh yeah, and feel free to send some fab boys names our way


  1. Woohoo on the curtains Julia, that's something I refuse to sew. The bibs look fab too and it's perfectly normal to see everything as potential fabric ;-). Love the new machine too, its sooooo pretty, I have machine envy!

  2. LOL Julia - did you know the alien bibs are recycled PJs? Go you on the sewing! That is one very cool looking sewing machine.

  3. Funny Esther! I didn't realise that at all - of course you've thought of it already!

  4. I look at outgrown clothes the same way now! Free fabric! :) How about Cooper?? That is my favorite boy name right now. :)