Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Soaking Up The Sun

Summer is so fabulous for kids isn't it?

I loooooove that at the moment the kids are spending so much time outdoors that I'm not constantly having to pick up toys and clean up after them (picking up toys isn't that easy to do at the moment with my bump).

Just before Christmas though we added a few more things for the kids and they've been very popular.  In the weekend before Christmas, Blair made a sandpit - this was because a lovely friend of mine had some surplus sand that needed a home - and our clam shell sandpit was a little on the small side for both kids anyway. So, Blair drew up some plans, went and bought some wood and then set to making the sandpit - with the intention to go and collect the sand from Nikki and Dane's driveway on Monday after work. The weather wasn't the nicest - but it was just annoying more than really wet I think (says me who watched the whole thing from the comfort of inside)

We also added a new (to us) playhouse that we purchased from another wonderful friend whose kids had outgrown it. The kids love being outside now - there seems to be plenty to keep them amused out there. It reminds me of my own childhood when we would spend all day outside and just come in to eat and find homemade lemonade.

Speaking of homemade lemonade, my mum has the best recipe that I've been meaning to both make with the kids and share the recipe with you. Whilst staying with my mum after Christmas I managed to snaffle a few lemons to bring back to Wellington with me - I love lemons and all things lemon flavoured. I'll get onto that tomorrow maybe.

Oh, and don't think I'm sitting in a stuffy house while I write this blog entry...nope, I've got extension cords to my 'puter and I'm sitting like a lady of leisure at the outside table under an umbrella.

STOP PRESS - my husband is the best when it comes to doing handyman stuff (well, when he's on holiday anyway). I've been moaning to asking him for ages about the swing in our backyard. He *may have* disposed of the brand new proper swing that went with it as we were using a baby swing on it and I've been asking him for ages to do something about it now that both kids have outgrown the baby one. Voila - he's just made another swing for the kids out of a plank of wood and some ropes - see...


  1. Awesome sandpit!
    You don't see wooden seat swings much anymore. I remember my little brother ran in front of me while I was swinging when he was about 3-4. A good scar came from that one!
    I think thats why they stay in homes these days. Councils are too scared of being sued.....
    Enjoy the sun lady muck!

  2. I'm so glad that you can sit outside during this weather! everyone looks like they are having heaps of fun, relax as much as you can before number 3 arrives (though in my experience 3rd babies are pretty relaxed beings!)

  3. Summer is lovely but the heat can be so tiring. The sandpit and swing look fabulous. Isn't it great when DH's are home to get some jobs done?? I'm not looking forward to Ian being back at work next week. Good score on the playhouse!! I'm jealous of your 2 lovely kids playing together, poor Cam misses out a bit with such a bit age gap. Hope you are coping okay with the heat.