Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today I was inspired to get a few things tidied up and put away. It could be that Viv's blog was the culprit - or it could've been because of a conversation I had with my friend Alison today about how much I hate sewing on buttons...but whatever the reason it sure feels good now.

Today I sewed missing buttons on about 10 garments that have been sitting in a bag waiting for me to get around to them. Only 1 won't fit the child it was meant for now, though luckily it was a boys item and #3 will get to wear it. The others have gladly be reclaimed by the kids - they're all summer items that will be worn and worn.

Today I sewed the buttons on 4 jerseys for our bebe. 3 are new ones I've knitted, and another was a little blue one I was given for Penny that had beautiful girly buttons on it. I always planned to swap them when Timothy came along but it never happened.

Today I took out my handy-dandy sewing machine and repaired and altered a pile of clothing that was waiting for just such an occasion

It does feel good to tie up a few loose ends and get them out of the way.

NB - It does seem a little funny to be typing a post about such menial things when there are so many people in Queensland, Australia contending with that terrible flooding. I'm thinking of all those lovelies I know, as well as those I don't and hope that the water levels stop rising and that you and those you love are safe.


  1. Wow go you, very productive. M slept all afternoon and I still don't have the ribbon sewn on her bonnet ;-)

  2. That was organised! Are you nesting for me?
    Good work - I'm going to hit my sewing room tomorrow and get some things done too.