Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not Rocket Science...

Nope, nothing too exciting here, but I thought I'd share anyway.

I was after some new baby items without having to spend a fortune. I thought it would be nice to find some new items of clothing for this babe so that not everything he wears are hand-me-downs from his brother, but it's also a pretty tight time of the year for most people, right?

Anyway, I remembered that I had these lovely plain white tees I was given when preggers with Timothy. They were still lovely and white. I thought maybe I'd have a go appliqueing some pictures onto them. So off I trotted to Spotlight to buy some fabric with some suitable images that I could cut out and sew on by hand. Unfortunately, I wasn't having much luck but when looking at the buttons (for some knitting I've done for the babe) I noticed some iron on transfers in the same aisle. On enquiring about their cost, I learnt that they were the grand sum of 99c at the moment (normally around $10 each the staff member mentioned) and so I was sold! In fact, I wish I'd bought more (and I may go back and buy more as Timothy would probably quite like some on some of his clothes and it's a good way to fancy up pressies for others too)

Now, they've sat around on my dining room table for weeks now, along with the tees - but today was the day that I finally ironed them on. It says that they should be completely machine washable, we'll see (I can always sew a few stitches if need be - though NB clothes get worn so little anyway...and I'm meant to be having a giant baby)

Voila - the finished articles.

Now I know I didn't do anything particularly clever, but my babe does now have 3 pretty cool t-shirts.


  1. Very cool. I like them. I will have to go into Spotlight myself and see if they have any left. My #3 has got all her sisters clothes to wear, so apart from the new Tikki knits that I have done for her, she too has worn all hand-me downs. But I love it b/c I get to relive all the memories from her sister wearing them as well.