Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red Riding Hood Yarn Club - Grab Your Passport!

I'm so excited to be a small part of the Red Riding Hood Yarn Club this year. I'm in the middle of designing, knitting and testing 2 patterns as a designer for one of the months of her Winter Yarn Club! How thrilled was I to be asked!

It promises to be fun!

Hannah's note on her RRHY Facebook page says:

This year, the Winter yarn club will run for 3 months over May, June and July, then there will be an extra month that will be signed up for seperately, to give those who cannot afford a whole 3 month club a chance to get in on the action :)
You can choose to either purchase a boys, or a girls spot and will recieve all packages to suit.

The packages are totally themed, and will include:
  • 200g Yarn
  • Knitters gift ( notion of some kind )
  • Edible Gift
  • Exclusive childrens pattern from a Kiwi/Aussie Designer
I will have 36 places available this year, 18 boy spots and 18 girl spots.

The standard price this year will be $180 and includes postage within New Zealand. For Aussie club members an additional postage charge of $20 will be added. Other International members will have additional shipping.

You will have the choice to recieve both sets of patterns ( so if you're doing the girls club, you will also recieve the boys patterns) for an extra $10

Extra skeins of yarn will be able to be purchased for a discounted rate for club members wanting extra. Patterns are still currently in testing but i will advise closer to the time on which sizes need more than 200g yarn.

  • Extra Skeins will be $30 each
Sign ups will be on April the 3rd at a 10PM NZT

To secure your spot you need to email me at the following.

Your Name
Your Address
Whether you are NZ Residential, NZ Rural or Australia ( only open to Kiwis and Aussies sorry)
Whether you would like a boys spot or a girls spot
Whether you would like to receive the extra set of patterns ( so boys patterns if you purchase a girls club and vice versa) for an extra $10

Payment can be made by bank deposit (nz) or paypal ( both NZ or International. If NZ then please choose gifted so you pay the fees) no later than Thursday the 4th.

I will email you payment details once i receive your signup email.

Spots will be on a first in first served basis and are limited to 18 girls and 18 boys spots.

Parcels will be sent out the first week of each month, and signups for the extra Month will be on the 1st of July.

Good Luck!
Hannah x

So, sign ups are today!

But wait, there's more!

Grab your passport! Because the RRHY club is taking participants on a trip around the world, each designer (great designers too! Sarah Ronchetti, Kelly Brooker, Cathy Rubin - plus me in there too) is coming up with designs for a specific country.

So, don't get left behind! Go pop over to Hannah's group - have a look at last years packages and theme and then set your computer to set an email at the right time!
It's sure to be a fun 'trip'!

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