Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

My baby is 1! This time last year I was feeling euphoric after the 'easy' (2nd stage = 1 minute, truly, 1 minute) and safe delivery of my baby boy, a babe whose sex was unknown to Blair and myself. Timothy Peter was born weighing 7lb11 at 11:13am.

30/12/08 - Oh my goodness, look how little Penny looks too! And look at his little skinny legs!

And so, the year has flown past, a year that has been riddled with ups and downs - the biggest down being trying to manage Tim's reflux while juggling a toddler that still needed her Mummy. Tim's reflux was a 8 month ordeal for all of us and now that it's pretty much gone (I'm not saying 100% as we still have instances of reflux like reactions from Timothy) and we've been left with a deliciously contented and easy going fellow - phew!

Today, we started the day with presents in bed, a family tradition on the Greaney side.  We had my mum, sister and niece visit today with lovely gifts and stay for lunch. A birthday cake was devoured and candles blown out.

And can I just say, if you know of people who say that they have a Christmas baby, can you PLEASE not say 'oh, poor thing' rather something more along the lines of  'oh how wonderful/how lucky'. You'd probably be one of the first - but also, it really is a lovely time of the year to celebrate a birthday in NZ.

In our household Blair was home all day as work finished up for the year yesterday, the weather is stunning - perfect for going to the park or beach, people are in a reasonably good mood due to Christmas, and few people would actually forget the birthday/birthdate as they might if it was a normal date.


We wouldn't change a thing about our Timothy, we know he is an absolute gift (did I mention he snuggles in when you say 'hug' and does kissing lips when you say 'kiss' - awww).


  1. Happy Birthday Master Tim! You look like a gorgeous wee manny :) I heartily agree with your mummy's sentiments on this time of year being a great season for birthdays :)

  2. And ALL babies are amazing miracles, no matter what day they "pick" to be born! He's a sunshine child, this Tim! (makes you happy when skies are grey....)