Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Knitmas!

I tried to make my Christmas presents to others this year

Firstly, there were the socks for my hubby...the first socks I've ever knit and this very basic ribbed (ie boring) pattern could've almost put me off knitting socks - almost, but I've already plans to knit myself some different ones in 2010.

Then, I knit Christmas pressies for some of the nieces and nephews

This is a size 2 Milo with the Owls cable for my nephew James

This versatile cabled vest was designed by tiKKi. This is a fabulous pattern, I luffs it and plan to knit it for my boy before winter (luckily though there's no hurry as the mother of the recipient of this actually knitted Tim a gorgeous wee vest also so he's got one to wear already!)

Then, there was the little skirty and shrug set for my little niece Amelia (4 1/2 months old)

I'm still yet to add the A-line skirt to my available to knit to custom items, but I can knit them for sale :) This little one was with 2 rows of the eyelet holes at the bottom for a lacy affect, and a picot cast off - but there are lots of options if you were interested. This one is a skirty, rather than a skirty soaker so that it can be worn with tights and leggings come winter.

And for my youngest wee niece - a 3 month size Kaia Babydoll

All I can say is thank goodness for Rachel's pattern! I was having a nightmare with another pattern that was turning out to be quite disastrous when I decided to 'hibernate' it and whip up a Kaia for Abigail. I knew it would turn out successful

It's interesting, I've read a few other blog entries like tiKKi and Ali lately where the authors have decided not to put themselves under the same pressure knitting Christmas presents late in December. This was something I thought I would do too - knitting them perhaps when custom orders are quiet and when the mood/pattern strikes me throughout the year, rather than put myself under the stress that I experienced this year.

We'll see how the reality of that idea goes for me though! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

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  1. WOW great knitting J. I think I'm doing the same socks now for my first pair. Is very boring, I might have to figure out how to knit two socks at once next time :)