Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not A Knitting Post

But definitely sharing the news of someone I've discovered recently - an amazingly talented and generous spirit.

My sister and an online community recently lost a cherished member Jenny, far too quickly and sadly far too young. Jenny has an amazing miracle babe, who was 7 months old when she died. I know I didn't know Jenny, but the thought of any mother not being able to watch their little fellow grow up brings tears to the eyes of anyone with a pulse.

Beadz by Noelle is very generously selling lovely earrings as a 100% fundraiser for Jenny's family. They are not only VERY reasonably priced (seriously - $5 a pair!), but after admiring some of my sisters on the weekend I needed to order some myself as they are beautiful pieces of jewellery.

"Beadz By Noelle is a small design company located on the beautiful Kapiti Coast in New Zealand.
Led by designer Sara Noelle, the focus is on creating delicious and delectable designs that feel wonderfully magical to wear"

Gotta love those guilt free purchases :)

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  1. And they are stunning earrings! I've bought several pair and wear them every day. I particularly like the hooks that go through the ears, they seem to be slightly different from the usual, and not only sit really well, but don't inflame my sensitive ear (I"ve got one that reacts to almost all earrings). Yes, God bless Sara Noelle indeed!