Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just A Little Christmas Baking

Penny and I have been doing some baking in the last couple of days - gingerbread cookies in a variety of Christmassy shapes. After hauling out all my Christmas cookie cutters I realised just what a range I have.

It started with some happy little gingerbread men on Friday.
Notice the little P for Penny on the cooling rack, it's what my mum used to do with leftovers :)

Then Saturday - it was time to do some decorating! Penny was given some icing of different colours to do some ginerbread painting with.

And voila! In the next pic, her masterpieces are in the lower left hand corner. The cooling racks are covered with my efforts while she iced.

Lots of these bikkies went on to go into some wee packages for some rellies today. Penny had made some Christmas cards and drawings last week, and so we packaged up some bikkies and sent them off with Shane today to take back to family in Wanganui.

And it's fair to say we consumed a fair few too...the tin is looking pretty bare again now. But we can blame Shane for eating lots too while he was here for the weekend

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