Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Items Available for Custom Knitting

These are the items that I can knit for you. There's really nothing like both being given and giving a carefully handknit item. And I'm sure you know already - but gorgeous woollen handknits are the height of fashion for babes at the moment, as well as being really practical. Pop a little knitted item on your child and just see how many comments you get!

To see more information on each item, just click the link in the title.

Cabled Hats - this is a lovely hat knit with a chunky style yarn in your choice of colour. This comes in 3 sizes - 3-9 months, 1-3 years and kid-adult. Prices start at $20

Aviatrix Hats - available in newborn through to 4 years plus sizes. Stylish winter hat (great too for kids that pull off their hats) starting at $20

Confection Shrugs - the cutest wee extra layer, so easy to pop on. Sizes newborn through to 24 months

Ruffled skirty or skirted soaker. The soaker is great as another layer over nappies (and fits over cloth nappies) or s a skirty for all year wear - without leggings in warm weather and with tights during winter. Sizes NB through to XL

A-Line Skirty or Skirted Soaker. Sizes NB through to XL

The March Sisters Series of Pinafore Dresses

Amy (with layers of ruffles at the bottom)
Beth (with lace pattern at the bottom)
Meg (with a cable design)
Jo (simple, plain design with fold over edge at the bottom)


Pinny for a Dolly - able to be knitted in a similar style to each of The March Sisters dresses

Beth, Jo and Meg

Vanilla Soaker - great over nappies (both MCN and sposies) to help prevent leaks. Sizes newborn through to XL

Looking Glass Longies - fabulous for 'whenever' wear, snuggly in bed, warm in winter, great for outdoors. You get the idea ;) Sizes NB through to XL


Tubey Hats - from premmie size upwards. Prices start around $20

Propeller Hats - from premmie size upwards. Prices start around $20

Daisy Clutch Bags - wee felted bags for children from $20

All Year Round Vest - can be worn as a summer top, under clothing as a singlet, or over a top as a vest. Sizes 0-3months through to 4-5 years

Cupcake Hat - a baby to child sized beanie with the option of adding knitted flowers

I love knitting little sets that go together too - nothing cuter than a child kitted out in matching hand knits. Here are a few sets that I've knit recently, but there are plenty of items that you can team together.
* a hat and longies
* shrug and skirty
* shrug and dress
* child pinafore and matching dolly sized dress
* vest and hat and longies
And a whole host of other combinations!

Can't find what you are looking for?Email me! I've got permission to knit a number of other items but haven't yet had the chance to knit them up. Email me and let me know what you are after and I can see if one of my unknitted items would fit the bill.

The prices in each post are only a guideline as it really depends upon the item selected and the yarn you'd like. I am able to knit with any yarn you'd like though the more special the yarn, obviously, the more expensive the item.

I can also knit with yarn you provide - though check with me as there are some yarns that would be unsuited to certain projects and the ply is important so email me if you'd like to supply yarn for a project.

I can email you a price list if you contact me - I do plan to post the full list here in the near future.

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