Thursday, December 17, 2009

A True Jack Of All Trades

I was thinking this morning about how there's nothing my husband can't do.

He's been helping me work on some Christmas presents - he's been doing some fancy stuff with the computer that I'd have no idea how to do or end up in tears with when it doesn't work out right - so Blair = computer geek

But, he's also really practical - he knows how to fix 'stuff'.
Broken handle on my knitting bag - glued and screwed *tick*
Swift needed for my yarn hobby - made *tick*
Fence and retaining walls needed - built *tick*

What I both love and loathe sometimes is he's a bit of a perfectionist with a lot of things he takes on. The house has been in a state of being painted now for many many years because the first time he prepped, undercoated and painted the house the paint all bubbled up due to many years (prior to us living here) of shoddy paint jobs. So my hubby has been painstakingly scraping ALL the paint off the house and prepping and repainting so it's perfect (and so it doesn't need doing again any time soon). Needless to say - the novelty has long worn off and the house now looks awful - but back to my husband being priceless.

He's also the kind of Dad that will help out (although sometimes a little prompting is needed) with the kids and around the house. He'll make meals, feed and bath children, read stories, kiss boo-boos, fold washing, change nappies, help ice birthday cakes - all that kind of stuff.

Now all we need are some holidays - time to just 'do' stuff at home, garden, paint, hang out - bliss. Roll on some lazy summer days!

(Oh, and did I mention, that my handy husband has a VERY important job to do on Christmas Eve, and that's to put together our present for the kids so that they have it on Christmas Day....fingers crossed that all the pieces are in the box!)

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  1. What a lovely post! You could put this in your CV Blair! And it's true, you're a real star!