Saturday, January 30, 2010

Competition Time!

Ok, so here's a sneak peak of a really easy little pattern that I'll post on here shortly, that is - as soon as I think of a suitable name for the pattern

At the moment I've been calling it 'Little Viper', and Blair's suggestion has been 'Snakes and Adders' but I'm not sold yet. We've bandied about a number of others - 'Snake in the Grass' 'Little Snake' - hmmm.

Here's where the competition comes in.

Post and tell me what you think would be a good name for this teeny bendy snake made of scraps and if I pick it to name the pattern then you'll be able to choose from one of these prizes:

1) 2 sock blockers made to your choice of sizes


2) Your choice of something knit from my custom knitting selection to the maximum value of $25 (I've got more not pictured yet too so if you like this option we can talk about the more extensive list I actually have permission to knit)

3) A 'Coco Kids' voucher (specifying me as the knitter) to the value of $25. This can be gifted to someone else if you don't like either of the options above for yourself.

The competition closes once we've decided - so just post if you think of something, you can always post more names if you think of them after!

Hey, and if you like one of the names we've already come up with then let me know that too!


  1. OK Julia you are going to think I am a right dork, but the first thing that popped into my head was Snoodles LOL

  2. Well all i can think of is:
    Wooly Snakes / Yarn Snakes / Silly Snakes ?

    Very boring but i guess i'm thinking on the Rav search mode where if it doesn't have snake in the title it may not bring it up .... can you tell i've been serching rav -- Square eyes here!

  3. Rachel aka Xmasangls on tnnJanuary 30, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    Very cute, Some ideas:
    Squirmy Wormy Snake,
    Curly Whirley Snake,

  4. I think these are really cute and would love to have a go at knitting one but are useless at thinking of names,

    Scrappy rattlers
    Stash saver snakes
    Scrappy snakes
    Slithering snakes
    Soft squishy snakes
    my DP suggested trouser snakes LOL

  5. Not very imaginative here but

    slippery snakes
    snakes alive

  6. snake in the grass is the first that comes to mind...

    Jelly snakes
    Snake Candy

    :) karmiec of TNN

  7. I really like Blair's Snakes and Adders name, it's a fun little play on words.

  8. First I thought "toe biters", then I thought "love bites". I'm not too good with names, good luck!

  9. Putting my vote in for Blairs suggestion!

  10. A few people have beat me to it but I was thinking squiggle. Or the snakette, nibbler, I also liked Blair's suggestion and when I asked my daughter her first answer was 'corny the cornsnake' (obviously a Bindy fan) and her second suggestion was Rosie.

    They are very cute regardless of what they end up being called.

  11. crafty cobra, woven water-snake, garter (stitch) snake, purled python, Oh dear, sorry not very good at naming things. I like blairs idea a lot. :) Very cute snakes.

  12. Hmm... it would help to be first in, - lots of good names already been posted!
    How about Lil Squiglers? he he!

  13. I like Blair's suggestion too! But what about Woolly Serpents or something like that.
    Snakes and Adders is really hard to beat, and they are really cute too!

  14. I like Little Wrigglers (describes snakes & kids)

  15. Sam the snake
    slithery serpents
    woolly wigglers
    woolly wrigglers

  16. I like Blair's idea too :)

    Little Slithers?