Friday, January 29, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

That's another FO this year - an Oriental Lily (designed by the Georgie Hallam who is constantly coming out with new must-knit patterns) in a soon to be released 3T size. Georgie has worked out the 3-10 sizes also and so they are in the testing phase at the moment.  This is knit in The Wool Company's 'Watermelon' with 'Avocado' as the contrast waistband.

I did take rather a lot of photos of Penny in it this evening.I was surprised she actually had no problems with wearing it as it's been very hot, but luckily it has pink and is girly so she overlooked that it was a long sleeved kimono!

'Another One Bites The Dust' may also seem like a bit of an odd blog title for this, but this project is #3 of 10 challenges I am aiming to knit this year. It's all part of the TNN 10 in 2010 group on Rav, and more specifically the '1 of each' challenge. They include:

Baby/Toddler knit
Dishcloth - DONE Ugly Dishcloths
MCN Knitting
Older child - DONE Oriental Lily
Shawl or scarf
Toy - DONE Dinosaur! Roarrrrr!
Adult knit
Dolls Clothing

This is going towards my 'Older Child' and while it doesn't exactly fit the criteria of being for a 5+ child, I just don't have a 5+ child to knit for. Plus, with the long sleeves and fullness of it - it'll do (hose TNN chooks are good sorts, no one's going to tell me off)

There are also 2 other 10 in 2010 challenges I've joined up for on there too, 10 baby and toddler knits and 10 new techniques so I'm sure to waffle on about those at some stage this year too.

As well as signing up for the TNN challenges, I'm also down to 'Shop my Stash' - so I'm not buying yarn this year (though I can win it, swap for it or be gifted it - phew!) but I'm aiming to knit only from my stash this year unless I have a specific item I need to cast on that I don't have the right yarn for.

This was the 7th STS project this year, can't wait to see how many I get by the end of the year!

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