Monday, January 4, 2010

Hats, Hats And More Hats

Lately, I've been knitting hats - 7 hats to be precise.

A friend of mine, Rachael is an amazing photographer (seriously, check out her site, she is really reasonably priced and FAR nicer pics than pixie photo!) anyway, she was after some hats to do a photoshoot for her new photography business

We started with her selecting some hat patterns, yarns and sizes and voila - 7 hats for Rach

I started with this little blue Chemo Earflap Hat - the pattern is by Gabriella Henry.

And followed this with a larger version in a neopolitan coloured chunky yarn

Then along came one of my personal favourites, a chunky newborn hat with cables.

Then a little green 'Gooseberry' hat in avocado green. This one looks good the right way out and inside out

Then came my first 'Tubey' in chocolate brown.  I LOVE these hats, such a good fit and too cute

I could actually put in the whole sequence of Timothy fighting to not have his photo taken with a hat on - but that's another post. Let's just say though that there won't be many photos of him anymore as a hat model though as he rebels against his mummy with her woolly hats and camera :`(

Then the 'Propeller' hat, again - another fab hat! This one in Peony Pink

And then the last one, a sunshine yellow 'Tubey'

I hope they're spot on Rach. I can't wait to see how the photos turn out - I can imagine they'll put mine to shame (but then, she's the pro)


  1. Good on ya doll - I'm soooo not a hat knitter! Wish I was, but hats rank right up there with socks I'm to look at and wear them, but don't like to knit them

  2. awsome stuff you machine you! hehe loving the tubeys :)

  3. And isn't Penny the perfect model! So gorgeous!

  4. And how long did it take you to whip out so many hats? They are all adorable. Very cute models, too!

  5. Thanks all! Caffeine Girl - I think it was about 2 weeks for the 7 hats. It's always interesting after knitting a variety too which patterns/yarn (or pattern and yarn combination) I'd avoid next time!

  6. oh I do love that tubey hats!