Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's Dedication

I know I brag a little about how handy my husband is, but there was just a little bit of pressure for him to put up a trampoline in Christmas Eve after kids had gone to bed and before it got dark

He did a stellar job on the actual tramp -

But the problem was with the net...the net that had instructions that differed from the materials we had. This resulted in a text to the supplier at 9:30 on Christmas Eve and a returned cell phone call.

By 10:30pm on the 24th of December we were both enjoying a bounce in the dark! It was great fun! And we've all had super fun bouncing on it since then as a family (I definitely recommend getting tramps that can take the whole family)

Penny from the 'Hutt' in mid-air


  1. Very cool indeed. The things we do as parents ah? Well done.

  2. He da man! keep him on! looks like a real hit! :)

  3. GO BLAIR!! and omg love that last photo of Penny!