Sunday, January 31, 2010

~ Whoosh ~

It's birthday season in my antenatal group at the moment and so I've been trying to make something to add to each present.

Today we celebrated Nathan's party at the Silverstream Railway - going up and down the track in a steam train carriage all to ourselves (well, all those that were at the party)

I knit Nate a Little Rocket designed by Megan Kelly.

Penny had great fun selecting what colour would be good for which part of it - and I was really impressed that at the end it actually stood up (I can never be entirely sure that things will turn out as I intend them to, and not due to the pattern designer, more due to the combination of yarns and needle sizes...ok, and the knitter)

It passed Tim's taste test

And Penny's 'whoosh' test (so hard to take action pics)

And overall gets the big tick from me! Well done Megan on your great little pattern!

And well done to the Hamiltons on your lovely relaxed party today - we had a wonderful time, now, who took any photos from that?

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  1. Love the rocket, so cute and fun. Must be great to be making toys for your little 'uns, so much more individual