Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Green With Envy

Heather! It's finished!

Well actually, it's been finished for almost a week now but I've been waiting for some warm weather to wash and block it (when you pin it out in the right shape for it to dry after a gentle soak/spin)

It's an 'Amy' pinafore in The March Sisters series designed by one of my favourite designers and online buddies, Kelly Brooker (gurnard on Ravelry).

This one is knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn - an 8 ply 'Luxury' called Bracken and the yellowy colour is their Barley. GORGEOUSLY soft.

From the back - ribbing for a good fit

This one was knit as a custom order for my friend Heather
* she decided upon an Amy
* she selected the colours from a sample book I had
* she paid after I emailed her the invoice
* I ordered the delicious yarn from Australia at what I think is a really reasonable price for lovely yarn in a variety of colours
* Knitting began
* Voila! Ready for Heather to collect once she returns from Hong Kong.

It's as simple as that!


  1. What spectacular colours! Heather certainly has an eye for colour :)

  2. Thanks Kelly, originally I actually purchased forest and leaf too as Heather wanted them for different coloured ruffles. But on them arriving the leaf was too close to the bracken for it to be good as a seperate ruffle, so we decided on just the 2 colours :) But yep, Heather has a great eye for colours!

  3. Looks great Julia! The colours are great together - good to see non pink for a girl too. Bet Heather will be pleased.

  4. CUTE!!! I love bendi's luxury!