Monday, January 11, 2010

Cake, chocolate crackles and chips

What birthday party would be complete without them?

We held a joint birthday party for our 2 cherubs on the weekend at our Playcentre. It made sense to do it all in one hit as their birthdays are reasonably close and we'd be inviting all the same people anyway. So we picked a date roughly between the two which also coincided with Blair being on holiday - that was part of the plan.

The night before Blair and I were taking care of the cake decorating. I'd been up early in the morning and made the 2 cakes, dairy/egg free cupcakes and the chocolate crackles. In terms of the decorating - Blair was completely in charge of Tim's #1 train/train track one and I was to do Penny's fairy garden one.

By 12am we were ready for bed, but the house was spotless and there was little to do the next day except for set up the playcentre and ice the cupcakes.

And what a fabulous party we had! I don't know why I do it to myself really, but I'm sure I spend all the time at things like that feeling like a chicken with my head chopped off, but everyone else seemed to be having a nice relaxing time out with their kids/family/nieces/nephews in the sunshine.

Nathan and Elliot discussing their train collections

Penny sampling the food

Tim sampling the sand

Plenty of opporunity for a natter

One thing that I didn't really realise till yesterday when I was getting over the immense exhaustion I've been feeling from both organising the birthday as well as having to deal with a wee fellow that is waking numerous times during the night at the moment is that at the end of the party everyone chipped in to help tidy up. Really! The water trough got emptied, the sandpit toys and trikes put away, the swings and little tramp brought back inside - it really reminded me what wonderful friends and family we have.

MWAH! I love you all, thanks for being there to help celebrate the birthdays of our children.


  1. Looks like a lovely day! Happy belated birthday T, and Happy Birthday to come, P :)

  2. what a wonderful day!! happy Birthday to your cherubs from mine :) xxx