Friday, October 28, 2011

And the winner is....

I've been running a little Rugby World Cup competition and I'm well overdue to picking a winner!

In the end there were 7 completed entries. In the order of completion they were:

By Odette

By kaaktus

By mychildrensmother

By Odette (this is the mini hotshot)

By Krissie

By Odette

By elpalchica

So, I listed them in a wee document, then asked my husband to pick any number between and including 1 and 7. His answer....

wait for it...

wait for it...

Still waiting...

Is this annoying?

Ok, my 7 entrants, it was the number 4 he selected...

Which turned out to be Odette. With 3 entries out of the 7 the odds were in Odette's favour! I'll be in touch Odette to organise your prize :) I'm pretty sure she was after a swift and fingers crossed it'll rain tomorrow so my beloved can get swift making instead of playing tennis lol.

A huge thank you to all the lovelies that took part and chatted during the RWC.

To finish, here's a beautiful image from the final game last weekend, boy it was stressful to watch, but go the AB's!

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