Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogtober the 17th, 8 months old today!

It's true! My babe is 8 months old today! It's unreal that he's 2/3rds of a year old and yet what a doozy the first 6 months in particular were. But these days he's pretty chilled, he loves the big kids, doesn't get into too much mischief (because he can't move anywhere on his own yet) and eats everything I shovel into his little mouth, screaming for more when he finishes the first helping! He's sleeping much better at night too, but I'm a bit nervous to mention that for fear of jinxing things. Less than a fortnight ago he'd be waking 2-3 times in the 11-12ish hours that the other kids were sleeping overnight. In the last week or so, he's doing much longer 10-12 hour stretches! It's amazing the effect it's having on me. I've even felt like knitting lately.

This picture seems pretty fitting, the kids 'crowned' my David the other day. The crown was one Penny made at kindy for Timothy's pretend 3rd birthday.

Actually, I took this video today, I wonder if this link to watch it will work...


  1. Happy birthday little man! My little munchkin is 8 months in two days and he's started sleeping better at night too. Isn't it amazing the difference it makes? :-)

  2. wooo - serious time warp... 8 months already!? He sure is a cutey.