Saturday, October 15, 2011

HTML? Huh? Help???

I hate things not working right on my blog. Hate it.

I have a 'visitors to my blog' button (ok, if you look closely there are two but the second one was added because the first wasn't working). So, halfway down the links on the right hand side there is the original 'visitors to my blog' button...and it's not working anymore.

So, I added another (it's the one at the top at the moment) in the hope that it would just continue with the blog hits. But no, it's starting from 1!

Who knows how I go about getting a blog counter with the right stats? Or how I fix the old one. The HTML is obviously bung, but I'll post it here in case someone can see the problem?

1 comment:

  1. When you put these "counters" on your web site, they start at the moment of conception. In other words, they start at zero when you first put them on your site... unless there is a setting on the counter where you can make it start at a number you know to be where the old one stopped (or "left off") - and the new one should be starting.

    The counters aren't smart enough to know how many hits you had before they got there, if that makes sense. :-) Good luck!