Thursday, October 6, 2011

Donuts - The Tradition

Recently my friend Margaret pointed out a donut recipe she has stumbled across and been using successfully (I'll post recipes and links tomorrow) and it brought back a lot of childhood memories.

My mum is a great donut maker. When we were kids, my mum would let us choose whatever we liked for our birthday dinner. I always loved it when my sister Sarah's birthday came around because she pretty predictably chose donuts (I think I tended to pick lemon meringue pie, but my friend Ruth recently mentioned on Facebook that she remembers eating donuts at our place as kids, so I'm guessing that was my birthday and she was the chosen friend I was allowed to invite that year).

Mum would make a huge roasting dish batch of donuts and we'd drizzle these delicious homemade sauces over them and then gobble them down, licking the sauces from our fingers.

So when friends of mine started talking about donuts and making them, I thought I'd give it a go. I'd like donuts to be part of my kids happy childhood memories just as they are part of mine.

And for my first time ever deep frying, I think I did really well!

The first time I used the glazes that accompanied the recipes. They were goooood.

The second batch was to eat while we watched the All Blacks play France in the Rugby World Cup. Go the AB's! They were cinnamon-sugared and accompanied by the legendary lemon and nutmeg sauces.

And while I enjoyed them, I was relieved to find that they definitely are only a special occasions food. You can only eat a couple before feeling full so a batch goes a really long way. And I think I am sufficiently donut-ed for a while now.

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