Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogtober - The Best LYS Ever!

I am so lucky! I have the best little local yarn shop! It's about 4kms from my house, stocks a fabulous range of gorgeous yarns at a variety of prices and is owned by Tash, a beautifully vibrant and knowledgeable knitter and yarn dyer (amongst many things). Oh, and it's called Holland Road Yarn Company, found on Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington

I've just come back from knitting night there, meeting up with other knit/yarnaholics and seeing what yarns/patterns people are knitting while eating nommy food and drinking a cuppa tea. It's my idea of fun. It's close enough to home if I get a call that one of the kids is beside themselves. And you can buy anything that speaks to you at the end of the night if you like. Dangerous! But the chance to sit there without children for a couple of hours and fondle yarn is wonderful.

Actually tonight I came home with some delicious hand-dyed DK, I think it's one of Tash's first batches and it's stunning. This particular skein is destined to become a Jane for my Penny. You can also buy Tash's yarn online at knitsch


  1. Oh, I am so jealous. I love her shop and miss so much going there. Can't wait to see my "Asher".

  2. Oh Asher is stunning! I'm a little relieved that she hasn't got yarn called Penny, Timothy AND David or I would have to get one of each! They're all gorgeous! And we miss you too :(