Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Co-ops...once you start, it's a slippery slope

Omg, co-ops are bad! I've been asked before what a co-op is, it's when a number of people join in together to buy something in bulk, normally saving on shipping and often getting a bulk order discount.

This is a pic from one of Hannah's recent Red Riding Hood Yarn co-ops. One that I avoided because I know it's either all or nothing with me, but one that afterwards I drooled over the pics of. I didn't think she'd mind me using her pic, all blog entries need one.

Co-ops suck me in. Where I hang out online someone will ask "Anyone keen on some *insert all kinds of random things*?" and all of a sudden I think, why yes, maybe I need one/ten of those, in every size/colour available (because that's a flaw of mine)

I've joined in on co-ops for all kinds of random things, off the top of my head I know I've bought:
- yarn (no surprises there, but from memory I've done Wool Company, 100purewool, Bendigo Woollen Mills, Woollywumpkins, Jolly Jumbuck, Lollytree, Family Roots)
- jigsaw puzzles
- merino (I had such good intentions making the kids all stuff for winter, I bought oodles, cut out none)
- summer weight long sleeved boys pj' sizes 3, 4 and 5. Anyone want some?! I'm thinking I might cut off the sleeves and rehem them...but they're in the 'to do' pile. I'll probably think about doing something when they're too small for both my boys.
- aluminum or stainless steel (I forget which!) drink bottles
- KP circular needles from Vintage Purls
- baby bobux boots
- mocka bike

I've tried hard to avoid accumulating stuff I won't use, I've been soooo tempted to buy a couple of the lazy Susan mechanisms on offer at the moment but I know they'll just gather dust in the garage!

Go on, others out there must've bought some random stuff from co-ops in the past? And if you are looking for good yarny co-ops near you, have a look at the company name group on Rav. I know places like Family Pendragon, Family Roots, Mosaic Moon, Lollytree have groups with co-op info.

Come to the dark side with me!


  1. Ah, that Hannah is a temptress.. that picture has me wanting to click on the link, but that would be dangerous to my health.. so I won't! I'll admire the pretty yarn though.

  2. Hehe I can really relate, I've begun the coop habit too :D