Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where's all the knitting?

For someone that used to blog an awful lot about my fo's (finished objects), I've just done a look back at my posts this year to check that I won't repeat myself to find that I haven't really posted about my knitting since this post here which was pre-David!

So here are just a few things I've knitted this year, I've got plenty more to add so I'll just start with a few.

This Rainbow Dress was knitted for my daughter Penny's 4th birthday (in February!). The beautiful yarn was dyed by Shannon Passmore.

Since then, I've had a go dyeing a few rainbow gradients of my own.

I did these two for a couple of swaps, though I need to have another go soon, I owe one of my lovely sisters some as a belated birthday present ;)

Actually, speaking of Rainbow Dresses, I knitted another special little girl one for her 4th birthday (though yes, it's modelled here by my Penny)

And these Barbie sized ones were actually knitted recently, testing them for Georgie who is working on a plethora of dolly designs at the moment. The barbies are naked no longer.

If anyone's interested in me popping up a wee blog tute on how I did the rainbow gradents, leave me a comment and I'll get onto it :)


  1. the dress is so so pretty! Popping in to say HELLO from Blogtoberfest.

  2. Isn't she gorgeous! I would so love to dye some gradient yarn for my girls. A tutorial would be great!

    (I'm having issues posting this comment, so I hope I haven't done it three times!)

  3. Gorgeous FOs, would love a gradient dying tutorial please :D