Monday, October 3, 2011

A Little Late to the Party

But only a little. It's only the 3rd today. I even managed to blog on the 2nd!

Actually, it was when I was looking at my much neglected blog that I noticed that my friend Georgie has signed up for Blogtoberfest.

I've avoided Blogtoberfest in the past, but I really feel like I need to reclaim my blog. I've got a few things in my head I've been planning on blogging about, NON 'work' related (ie, not about my patterns) and so I thought I'd sign up for it.

Speaking of being late though, does anyone else find that since having kids they are always late? I used to always be on time for things, but these days I find I often don't even leave the house till the time I am meant to be somewhere (besides kindy pick ups, I'm never late for those. Can't stand the thought of my Penny being the last kid waiting on the mat with those big sad eyes of hers). I don't like being late, but it seems to be much less avoidable these days. I'm blaming the kids. It couldn't be anything to do with my time management or organisational skills ;)


  1. Hehe I totally feel the same, we always seem to be to things and I only have one child at the moment. Definitely something to do with my time management skills, which have always been lacking. At least you have three children as a good reason for being late :D

  2. woops terrible grammar skills should be added to my list of lacking too, hehe

  3. Ha ha, blame the kids. Love it.

    Just popped by to let you know I deleted the incorrect entry on the Blogtoberfest list.