Sunday, October 2, 2011

In search of a knitter?

I've just added a little directory page to my blog if you are in search of a knitter to knit you one of my patterns. There are fabulous knitters listed for NZ, Australia, US, UK and Ireland! And I know that some are definitely willing to knit and send to other countries too, I know of a couple of Kiwi's knitting for little Aussies at the moment!

Go and visit their shops and pages! Such beautiful knitting!

Here's an assortment (I apologise, this doesn't picture something from each 'shop' but it gives you an idea of the talented knitters)

Jaimie from Hot Off the Needles: Knits for Kids and Bubs
Nikki from Little Ladybug Handknits

Rachel from A Little Bit of Everything

Ali from Coco Kids

Kate from Coco Kids

And this cutey, well I'll take credit for him and his hooded cardy

I'm just about to add a page too for purchasing a cottage license, it's very easy and I think a very fair price - contact me if you'd like any more information regarding it.



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