Friday, October 12, 2012

A day in the life...

My friend Rachael is an amazing photographer. I really can't believe I have a friend that can take such amazing photos. When we worked at the same school as teachers, I knew she was creative and artistic on top of being a totally committed and awesome junior teacher, but who knew she had such talent behind the camera?

This post is a little late really, but she is running an amazing competition with a fabulous prize for some family, somewhere in NZ. You really should pop over to her blog TODAY (it closes tonight) and check it out, and enter.

And if you're not in NZ but appreciate great blogs with amazing photos, go visit it anyway!

And just because every blog post needs a photo, here are some of the wonderful photos Rachael took in my 'Mum and me' photoshoot in the last school holidays. I was feeling fat, frumpy and grumpy - but she still managed to work her magic.



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  1. ahhhhh shucks Julia - that is just super wonderful and sweet of you! You looked none of those things to me. I just saw you as a wonderful Mum who loves her kids! You are wonderful!