Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hullo again!

I've been working a little on my Primrose pattern lately - this is a summer version and it's almost there, I think I'll need to knit one more just to double check everything but then I'll be able to take purrty photos and get it out to testers...which is lucky as I did mention in a photo competition I'm running here that testers would be able to enter their photos too, which means I better get on with that!

What I'm reading at the moment, well, it's the same book as last week and as I predicted, I'm only a page or two further along. I have however been reading the children stories and really liked this one called The Story Blanket when I was requested to read it recently. It's a tale about a generous old soul who frogs back parts of a blanket she's knitted out of remnants to make items for those in the village who need them. Anyway, as I read it, I did think 'I like this one!' and thought that on the off chance I was still reading Grave Surprises that I might just mention it. Thank you to my lovely friend Laurene for sending it for the kids! You knew I'd appreciate it I'm sure!

Whilst I'm talking about competitions, I am having a giveaway for Blogtoberfest, so feel free to go and check out my competition for that one here, the prize is some sweet treats for NZ and I promise, there's no need for jumping through hoops to enter!

Happy Yarnalong!




  1. Gorgeous colour. I just squires me some yarn in that colour

  2. Pretty colour yarn - Lovely project.

    Sounds like a fun book.

  3. oh such a pretty blue! and that book sounds so wonderful, i'll have to go look for it!

  4. I seem to be stalled on my reading, as the 'required reading' is taking time and not enough left for sewing, knitting AND reading. Loving the yarn you are using...pattern for child or adult?

  5. Love the yarn. We love that book here too!

  6. Aww that book sounds lovely - I hadn't heard of it before. And your yarn looks dreamy!

  7. 'The Story Blanket' is one of my favourite stories:)

    I have just discovered your lovely blog via blogtoberfest. xo