Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School's Back!

I'm not sad at all about the end of the holidays, we had a lovely time and spent very little (I splurged on the last Sunday and took my 5 and 3 year old to the movies with homemade snack bags to see Tinkerbell - The Secret of the Wings, which I thoroughly enjoyed) but they come to a natural end, right? When you're ready to start getting back into the school/kindy drop off and when the kids have had enough of hanging out in your/each other's company - 2 weeks was perfect!

I take my hat off to anyone who home-schools their children. I wish I could, but I think I'm the best mum when we all have a break from each other!

Looking back over my photos that I was diligently taking daily, I realise I didn't blog half as much as I should've, so here are just a few that didn't make it to the blog.

David gets a collage all of his own, I seem to be snapping lots of pics of him at the moment because he's mischief on two legs!

And there were way more I could've added to his collage, but I think 6 is plenty!

I suppose I should go work on some knitting so I have something to show for the yarnalong tomorrow!



  1. Tampons and tissues!! LOL
    He's quite an inquisitive little lad!!

    Great photos, Jules!!

    Hmm, yes, I best get knitting too. I haven't knit for about 4 days...eeek!

    1. I know! Nothing is sacred anymore when you have kids! There would've been a time I was mortified to find a child playing with a box of tampons, but it and the tissues kept him amused for a g e s

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos - looks like it's lots of fun at your house!