Monday, October 22, 2012

Yarnies I love #4 - Red Riding Hood Yarns

My friend Hannah was probably one of my first friends to start dyeing to sell and since her business Red Riding Hood Yarns started two and a bit years ago she's created quite a fan base!

Hannah dyes lovely semi-solid colourways and her stockings are all themed - fairy tales, ice cream flavours, tv characters - fun stuff! You have to be quick with her stockings though, there are always hyenas circling. Hannah sells her yarn on her Facebook page here

Hannah at Red Riding Hood Yarns comes up with fresh ideas and interesting ways to create a real buzz. When the Olympics was on she ran the most fabulous competition called 'The Little Red Games' where people had to be one of 12 to qualify by being the first to correctly answer questions she popped up on her page and then she held her own competition. For it the 12 had to knit an item starting at a time she specified and points were given for including various things in your knit. From memory it was things like:
- knit using RRHY
- include something red
- include a cable
- have a team name and banner and points were given for how many people 'liked' them.

I may have won the gold medal is this comp, I'm only a little bit competitive when it comes to knitting and had warned my husband (who is regularly frustrated by my interest in knitting and designing) that I didn't plan to go to bed until I'd finished. This was a short sleeved Greyson I made using a skein of RRHY that Hannah had actually gifted me probably about a year ago - I added a twisted cable rib and a red yarn cast off (so I could remove it later as I didn't really want red in my knitting...though truth be told I haven't undone the cast off yet and David wears it all the time as it is).

Hannah also runs fabulous themed yarn clubs - where she puts together both a girls and boys club with a pattern, coordinating yarn and treasures. It's lovely! This year she's starting her first one month shawl club too and I can't wait to see what both she and her designer SweetP come up with.

If you haven't heard of Red Riding Hood Yarns before you should go check out her Facebook page, her Ravelry Group here and see some of the gorgeous projects knitted in her yarn here.


  1. I am already a fan of Hannah's (and an increasing portion of my stash will attest to that) but that green is gorgeous- was it a one-off or a continued colourway?

    1. It was called Green with Envy - I'm sure she wrote down the recipe so if you would like some the same contact her re a custom...she does those too. She actually has a gallery of most of her colourways now, you can find the link to it at the top of her Rav group

  2. Fabulous post, Jules!

    I too love RRHY, what's not to love, hey!


  3. Ooooh, I keep hearing about this yarn - I can't wait to get my hands on some. Might have to get my mum or sister to send some to me ...
    Love your story of the late night knitting - made me chuckle - sounds oh so familar ;)

    1. If you want to contact Hannah she does post internationally and take custom orders - you could ask her sweetly for a colourway that tickles your fancy especially!