Monday, October 1, 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday's mission - to feed the ducks down at Percy's Reserve.

We had some crumpets that were about a week over their best before date and starting to grow pretty white dots of mould and so what better way to dispose of them than to feed them to the ducks.

Percy's Reserve is the most lovely spot and very close to our home. So we rugged up and headed off.

We arrived at the duckpond, excited by all the ducklings

But alas...those ducks had been too well fed over the sunny weekend and wouldn't come near us.

So a trip around the dam was next on the list, followed by a look in the cave (it's at the top of the stairs in the 4th pic here). People had told me that there were wetas in that cave so this time I whipped out a torch I'd stashed in my pocket and yes. I can confirm that there are LOTS of wetas in that cave, and I'll never go as far in there again! I actually don't mind wetas at all, but the amount in there would make any weta lover a bit queasy.

Next, it was looking at the waterwheel, looking for fairies in the Fernery and following the 'yellow' brick road

Can you see Timothy? He's camouflaged! There was a bit of boat building with Penny's favourite kind of leaves at Percy's Reserve (those toilet paper substitute ones) and then Blair showed them how to drop their leaf boats on one side of the bridge and run to the other side to see them come through.

And then back in the car.

But wait. The adventure isn't over just yet (though anyone reading may well wish it was!). No, we still had a container of crumpets which we decided the seagulls at the beach just down the road might appreciate more.

There was a bit of bird feeding, along with a hungry labrador and an 18 month old who decided he'd rather eat the expired crumpets than feed them to the gulls. Blergh.

And then it was time for home. And dinner. And bed.

All it cost was a little petrol and some time. Super value.


  1. What a gorgeous spot Julia! Beautiful photos.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day!Feel free to come check out our letterbox weta family anytime you want to see some. lol

  3. What beautiful bambini and gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for sharing with us via Blogtoberfest12.
    So happy to have you along for the ride!
    Kat xx