Friday, October 26, 2012

Beware the Killer Queue!

With the countdown to Christmas well underway I sat down and organised a bit of a queue the other day. I can't share specifically what it is I HAVE to knit because then people might see what they're getting for presents and swaps, but un-specifically it looks like this:

1 - Primrose prototype #3 (and maybe 4)
2 - Christmas decorations for swap - 6 more I have to make and if I want any for us then 1-3 more (the kids quite like them and would like one each, of course!)
3 - Present for Penny's teacher (at the moment this is a Poplar scarf in a gorgeous teal colour using Olive and Emma yarn - so it should look exactly like this one)
4 - Scarf for lovely Poplar models that got married this year (I really need to crack on and knit this so that it's not on my to do list anymore! Yarn is all ready to go!)
5 - Finish a scarf that's languishing as a WIP. Probably because I don't know who this will be for and the colour, whilst I LOVE it, doesn't look good on me). It's knitted in a pattern I wrote, but which I'm waiting on the release of...but I probably should finish it so I have one as a project)

And in there I need to knit a few more new pattern prototypes too...preferably sooner than later because the sooner they are done, the sooner I can get the pattern out for testing and it's almost all written now, I just need to check the pattern by knitting it and make any changes as I go. If only I could knit in my sleep!

So, 60 days
3 scarves
6 (-9) decorations
1 (-2) Primrose tunics
2 prototypes

And maybe some dishcloths for a few swapsies. Maybe.

Doable? That's 16 items in 60 days. One every 3-4 days. I better get cracking!

Just a few of the yarns that need knitting before Christmas - there is more needed/planned, but this is just what I managed to grab for the photo
What have you got in your queue? What have I missed? What knitted items do you like giving? Is your queue longer than mine?


  1. wow, you are keen!! I want to know more about this other pattern you have written... :)

  2. Yikes you're going to be busy! I've got a Bloom dress to finish for my toddler for Chrismas and then I want to make two jumpers for my boys. That's it for the knitting. I want to make some crocheted snowflakes and a tree skirt at some point too :-)

  3. My queue is growing daily - I don't know what sort of super fast knitting freak I think I might have become ... still, looks like you're faster ;)

  4. It sounds like you have a lot of beautiful thing going on and coming off your needles in the next 60 days!!!! :)

  5. Is it seriously only 60 days to Christmas?! Where has the year gone!

    I should follow your lead and write out my knitting plans - that way I can hold myself accountable, though just telling the girls I'm making something for them helps!

  6. Good luck with that. I was thinking last night about trying to make a whole lot of christmas gifts, probably sewing since I have lost my knitting mojo at the moment, but I think I may have left it a bit too late to get organised. I do have to sort teacher gifts though, gah.

  7. wow that is alot of knitting! I knit so incredibly slowly that that sort of queue would take me 6 months or so